Lets grow together with the whole family in the wonderful garden!  Children and adults of all ages can come together and learn more about the wonderful world we live in by helping it grow with lush greenery and beautiful flowers.

Date: Saturday 25th March

Time: 1-3pm

Venue: 160 Pitfield Way, Stonebridge, London, NW10 0PW

Activities include:

Garden in a Jar:

– learn how a terrarium illustrates the functions of the ecosystem

– understand key natural processes such as photosynthesis, respiration and the water cycle

Bug Hotel:

– understand insect anatomy

– learn about the role of bugs and insects in establishing a healthy garden

– learn how garden pests can be controlled without the use of chemicals

– design and eat edible insects made from fruit and vegetables

Please fill in the form, with adults names separately and each child separately: