Muhammad Habib a 19 year old boy from Aleppo, Syria was captured by ISIS and tortured; he left his parents behind in war torn Syria and is seeking to find a more stable life in Europe.  Sadaqa: Charity Day met Muhammad in Budapest when he was stranded in Keleti train station unable to travel on to the rest of Europe because of the restrictions that were placed on the refugees.  Sadaqa: Charity Day provided him aid in the form of food and assistance in travelling across the border from Hungry to Austria so that he can carry on his search to a secure place to call home.


Yasmin Bokhari is a widow, her husband died of typhoid fever 2 years ago. She has three young children 2 of them are under the age of 10 and attend school.  She struggles to make ends meet and her only source of income is from sewing clothes which does not even provide enough money for her to purchase food for the family.  Alhamdulillah through Sadaqa: Charity Day ‘Feed The Needy’ programme the family will be given a meal every day for a full year.



The district of Chakwal lies in a rocky area of Pothohar Plateau. Here, water is available in deep layers of the soil and demands heavy cost for constructing water wells which the poor and vulnerable families in the area cannot afford.  The culture in the region is such that the male members go to nearby towns for labour and remain out of their houses for many days. The women folk have to travel long distances to fetch potable water for the family which is sometimes very difficult for them. Sadaqa: Charity Day has been able to provide water wells to the region that has provided clean water to over 150 people.


Syed Ali was brought up in Tal’afar, Northern Iraq and it was his father that was the first Shia to settle in the region. His father was a learned man and preached Islam to bring people closer in their love for the Ahlulbayt (a.s). Syed Ali’s father managed the largest mosque in Tal’afar and a library which contained ancient hand written manuscripts and books that were more than 300 years old. When ISIS attacked the city they destroyed the mosque completely and desecrated the grave of Syed Ali’s father which was inside the mosque. They uprooted the grave and detached the head of the corpse from the rest of the body and then burnt it with the library that held important information on Shia Islamic history and laws.

Out of fear of his life Syed Ali escaped Tel’afar with his family and took refuge in Najaf al Ashraf where he met representatives from Sadaqa: Charity Day. We were able to provide essentials to the family and also accommodation so that he can settle in a safe environment with his family that has lost their precious belongings and witnessed their life’s work destroyed.

Syed Ali


Young Hana and her mum walked for hours to reach representatives of Sadaqa: Charity Day in Najaf to seek refuge and ask for assistance.  The young girl is in urgent need of medical treatment for cancer. When her mother was pregnant with her during the invasion of Iraq a bomb went off near their house. All of Hana’s siblings apart from one are suffering from the effects of the blast as they all have cancer.

Unfortunately the cancer spread through Hana’s body and her brothers condition became so severe that he passed away in December of 2015.  Sadaqa: Charity Day are assisting the family with medical care and ask you to pray for Hana’s health.